The Health Debate Continues…

Old fashioned drug bottle, isolated.

I recently read about (yet another!) new study which claims to prove a much higher ratio of carcinogens in E-Cig vapour than previously thought. It really does seem like a game of tennis. One side produces a report, like Public Health England recently stating electronic cigarettes could be around 95% safer than tobacco cigarettes, and a month or two later along comes a whole new spider! This time it’s a report conducted by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in which they claim to have proven that the vapour from e-cigarettes contains acrolein and formaldehyde, two known cancer-causing agents. The study looked … Read more…

Teenagers Using E-Cigs – An Epidemic?

Here is a video I just saw which talks about teen use of E-Cigs in the US. I find this quite disturbing and I actually think it’s even worse here in the UK. It seems massively on the rise over the course of 2016 and this summer I have seen so many more kids using e-cigarettes outside shops and in towns all over the UK. this has to be wrong, sorry, but it does. And no I dont go for the “well it’s better than them smoking” argument. To me it’s the same or perhaps even worse.  

Government seeks E-Cigs Prescriptions on NHS

Well I have been saying this day should come for, let me see now, about 3 YEARS! And it’s finally here. HOORAY! (About time too!) After a recent study published evidence that vaping is estimated to be around 95% safer than commercial tobacco smoking, health officials of the British central government finally came out with a very public statement professing what appears to be a clear desire to see the NHS prescribing electronic cigarettes to smokers in an effort to reduce illness and deaths attributed to tobacco use. Here is a quote from (yes the British Government website!): “An … Read more…

John, some fishing, and the small matter of an iTaste MVP V2

Hi all, sorry for lack of posts recently. I had a friend visit and he ended up staying for two weeks thanks to the Cod turning up on our shores after what seems like an eternity! As many of you know, I like a bit of sea fishing. So does John, an old friend of mine who I recently talked into trying out e-cigs after years of ‘passive resistance’ from him about the idea! For quite a few years now I have ask John to try e-cigarettes. No matter how many different ones I got him to try, he always … Read more…

New study suggests e-cigs can cause cell damage

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As I have mentioned many times, there seems to be a pendulum swinging back and forth every month or two, swinging between “Safe” and “Harmful” when it comes to how e-cigarettes are viewed with regard to their possible impact on health. I have covered a few of the known health risks of e-cigs in an article before, but this is brand new and so far has not been claimed before. Yesterday a team of scientists at the U.S. Department For Veterans Affairs Healthcare System revealed the results of a brand new study, and the results have kicked that pendulum violently … Read more…

Vapestick Clearance – well worth a look

disposable e-cigarette from Vapestick

I am not a regular user of disposable e-cigs simply because I have my own recipe for flavoured e-juice now, but I do still enjoy the odd disposable from time to time, especially the menthol ones. This just gives me a bit of a change from my usual (and very sweet) wild berry flavour. It’s a bit like having a mint between smokes, like I used to it in the old days! Anyway, today I noticed Vapestick are running a great clearance sale and their V2 Disposables are just £1.99, down from £5.99 which was a good price already! (If … Read more…

Christmas Greetings From Cornwall!

Liberty Flights Factory Shop

Well it’s that time of year again, and I am away in beautiful Cornwall. What a lovely part of the country this is. The people are warm and friendly, and I am reliably informed that isn’t just because it’s Christmas! I have been here for a few days now and the other I popped to a factory shop for Liberty Flights E-Cigs. I won’t pretend that wasn’t part of the reason I convinced my wife we should spend a week down here near Lands End! I can’t say I would have come just for that reason, but it definitely helped … Read more…

Will The British Government Enact A UK Ban On E-Cigarettes?

ban on e-cigs in chicago

This is something which has become probably the hottest topic of conversation among UK vapers over the past 12 months or so. I find myself talking about it almost daily these days, and I know a few people around the EU who are concerned too about the somewhat scary idea of our beloved e-cigarettes getting banned in the UK or worse, Europe, which would of course force the UK government to ban them since are beholden to the legislature of the EU more and more each year. I won’t get into the issue of whether we should be so inextricably … Read more…

I am getting SO tired of this tobacco-industry-funded scaremongering

Ok, so December 2nd 2015, you might pick up a newspaper or click onto a news blog and read the alarming headline: Potentially dangerous molecules detected in e-cigarette aerosols This shameful attempt at “journalism” can be read in all it’s glory here. I assume you have at least had a scan read of it. And you, if you are like me anyway, will have already wondered whether there is any truth in the claims. But before we even begin to analyse that point, I would point out that they don’t even KNOW what their claims are in the first place! … Read more…

How Long Are Vapers Going To Be Treated Like Social Lepers?


Ok, I get it. No, I really do. In an “ideal world” there would be no tobacco, and no e-cigarettes either. That’s fair enough and I would gladly press a button tomorrow if it could magically remove the powerful addiction which has hooked millions of smokers, and vapers, over many many years now. But that button does not exist. Tobacco still exists, and still kills millions of people each and every year. The tobacco giants still make billions per year, $35 Billion in fact. Yes, very very scary numbers indeed. But in such a world, isn’t a much less harmful … Read more…

NHS “could” prescribe e-cigarettes to help smokers give up tobacco?! YEAH RIGHT!


Warning: You might just have to give me an inch of slack here, because I am going to tell this one how I see it, without pulling any punches! For years now the government has banned so much as MENTIONING e-cigarettes as anything remotely like a smoke cessation method! We, the advocates of e-cigs, have been screaming until blue in the face that they needed to wake the hell up and smell the coffee here, E-Cigs present a HUGE opportunity to help save millions of people from death due to tobacco related illnesses. I had come to the conclusion that … Read more…

Fancy making your own E-Juice?

e-liquid making kit

More and more people are vaping these days. E-Cigarettes have become an almost daily sight in the streets of the UK lately. This has led to an influx of companies manufacturing electronic cigarettes and e-liquid, often small tin pot companies just trying to cash in on the growing trend, and not really adding anything to the vaping experience for the end user at all. This rise in  manufacturing has lost each brand’s individuality to some extent. Flavours have become ordinary and nothing seems to stands out much any more. Seasoned vapers want something more interesting and many have resorted to … Read more…

Beginner’s Questions About Disposable E-Cigs

can you refill a disposable e-cig?

How Long Does A Disposable E-Cig Last? Disposable electronic cigarettes can vary hugely in how much use or time you can get out of them. I make the points separately about “use” and “time” for good reason. Some e-cig brands don’t last very long even when they are not being used, for instance when thrown in a drawer for a few weeks, you may find they are dead when you come to use them even though they have had little to no real use out of them since the purchase. This is a good indication of low quality components, and … Read more…

Explosion Risk Of E-Cigs

e-cig explosion

I have had a couple of reports from e-cigarette users about very hot devices. Thankfully nobody yet has had one which exploded or turned into a fireball, as has occasionally been reported in the press over the past year or two. More importantly I have not heard of any of the major brands blowing up in people’s faces, so maybe there is a lesson here, don’t buy at junk prices and expect anything but junk! I read about Chantz Mondragon and his experience in the US where an e-cig he was charging spontaneously ignited, burning right through his bed and … Read more…


Scaremongering reported by BBC, better late than never!

“Warnings over e-cigarettes are alarmist – and increasing their use could save many lives, researchers have said. For every million smokers who switch to e-cigarettes, more than 6,000 lives a year could be saved, according to the University College London team.” Well how long have I been saying it, along with many other e-cigarette bloggers and researchers alike? The above quote is from a BBC news piece where they alert people to the scaremongering tactics of some electronic cigarette health warnings and reports found in the press lately. I have long been an advocate of e-cigarettes, not because they are … Read more…

Can Technology Go Too Far With E-Cigs?

electronic cigarette image

I believe so. I have been reading more and more stuff lately about electronic cigarettes being designed to work with other devices, for example by bluetooth. In that case it is claimed that ecig users could connect to each other via their ecigs. How or why the hell anyone would want to do that is beyond me, but then I have never been a huge Facebook addict like many of my friends, maybe I am just weird (NO COMMENTS PLEASE!). The idea of connecting one ecig to another is dangerous as well in my humblest of opinions. It just feels … Read more…

Lung Damage In Rats From Electronic Cigarettes

Tobacco Advert 1950s

I have just read an interesting report from the BBC suggesting research by PLOS One in the US, suggests lung damage has been observed in laboratory tests on rats. The report states: “E-cigarettes contain some toxic chemicals and are not a safe alternative to smoking tobacco, US research suggests. In experiments on mice, scientists found that e-cigarette vapour could harm the lungs and make them more susceptible to respiratory infections. The PLOS One study also found traces of “free radical” toxins similar to those found in cigarette smoke. A lung charity said more research on the health impact of vaping … Read more…

Who Can We Trust?

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With so many so-called experts claiming completely opposite things when it comes to potential risks of using electronic cigarettes, how do we know which one to listen to? Well in a way, that’s sort of exactly what the tobacco industry wants you to think, because when you are in that confused train of thought, most people tend to err on the side of caution and just trust nobody, which means steering clear of e-cigarettes completely. If that’s someone’s informed choice, fair enough, who could argue with that? But when it is NOT an informed choice but quite the opposite: a … Read more…

Is this the beginning of a slippery slope towards banning Ecigs?

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Hi readers, long time no hear! I know I know, sorry! I have had quite a few emails over the past year or so, most asking where I was etc. I have had a pretty torrid time of it to be honest, but I won’t go into details other than to say it’s all sorted now, house move, job change, family funeral, and various other bits all out of the way and I finally have time to blog again! I heard from a friend in the States that there seem to be some corners of the government who are working … Read more…

Electronic Cigarettes Could Save MILLIONS Of Lives!

Well its a bold statement isn’t it?! But it is true, and various recent news reports have covered this point in detail. The report was based on Scientific evidence that looked at the overall impact of vaping as opposed to smoking tobacco, and they concluded with the now famous statement: ‘If all smokers in the whole world converted their nicotine addiction from tobacco and onto e-cigarettes, millions of human lives could be saved’ Just in Britain alone, around 0.1 MILLION deaths occur each and every year, directly caused by smoking tobacco. Taking that to the global scale and the number … Read more…