Buy Refillable E-Cigarettes

Here are some of the best refillable Electronic Cigarettes available in the UK.
(If you don’t want refillables please visit our disposable E-Cigs page instead.)

I may as well mention here, before you waste hours and a lot of money trying different brands, that GreenSmoke is by far the best I have tried so far, so if you are venturing into e-cigarettes for the first time, go for a GreenSmoke Starter Kit before anyone else’s, they really are the bees knees! Whether you are talking about build quality, taste, smoke production, GreenSmoke really is the best all rounder for your money in my view.

Better still, thanks to enjoying them so much, they kindly gave me a special discount code which I can now extend to readers of this page. Simply order with This Link (using our exclusive discount code BESTUKECIGS) and the 10% will be applied to your order. Their kits come with two batteries, one short and one long, and 5 cartomisers which really are amazing. You can check out our detailed review including a video which shows the incredible amount of smoke produced by visiting this page.

Rechargeable E-Cigarettes from SKYCigRefillable electronic cigarettes allow you to save a lot of money over the period of time they last for, but they do cost more to buy at the start. This is because they are built for long term use so the quality of materials and workmanship is much higher. They can also be heavier which may or may not suit you.Generally speaking, refillable or rechargeable electronic cigarettes do give a more pleasurable vaping experience. The e-cigarettes are heavier with more heat dissipation meaning a cooler and smoother smoking experience. You can also experiment with e-liquids, mixing your own once you know what you are doing and this is when smoking electronic cigarettes really gets interesting!

Choose one of my top rated rechargeable e-cigarette deals below, in order of my personal preference both for flavour and value for money. You will notice the first one is GreenSmoke. These are quite simply insane as far as value for money goes. Their fantastic quality Starter Kits are the best in the UK, hands down…

GreenSmoke Starter Kit Review Below: