Free Trials of UK E-Cigs

Unlike a few years ago, there are now a huge number of companies manufacturing electronic cigarettes, and as you might expect, they are all competing for your cash!

However this can be a great benefit to you, especially if you have never tried an electronic cigarette before (like me a few years ago!) Many E-Cig companies are offering free trial packs, or if not free, some very cheap ways to try their brands and models out for very little cash outlay on your part.

It’s a loss leader for many of them, i.e. they either make a small loss or maybe break even on that first sale to you, but they do it with the long term hope that you will enjoy your free electronic cigarette trial so much that you will commit to their brand for a long time, and end up spending a lot of money on their products and E-Liquids.

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This page will be updated regularly, and at the very least it will be updated every time I hear of a new electronic cigarette free trial available in the UK. So check back often, and take advantage of these great offers. Why pay full price when you can buy an E-Cig trial pack or starter kit instead?!

New offers I hear about will be displayed below. I have to admit, nothing so far has come close to the incredible quality and value for money offered by GreenSmoke’s Starter Kits. These things produce an amazing amount of vapour, and it is thick and tasty, by far the closest to the real thing I have ever tried out and that’s including some of the really expensive fancy brands. For the money, you can’t beat GreenSmoke, and the flavour choices are incredible as well. We arranged a special deal with them so we can now offer our readers and exclusive 10% discount using This Link.

GreenSmoke Starter Kit Review Below:

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