E-Cig Health Risks – How Much Do We Really Know?

girl vaping on an ecigMany people, myself included, feel the need to look carefully into the health risks and dangers of electronic cigarettes.

It is part of being an intelligent human to research and analyse as much information as possible before subjecting your body and mind to something new, especially something so closely associated with tobacco smoking which is known for being one of the most prevalent killers of people today, as well as being a permanent and dangerous risk to human health, even if it doesn’t kill the person using it.

So what are the specific dangers of using electronic cigarettes?

Below is a list of the most commonly mentioned risks associated with the use of electronic cigarettes, cigars, E-Liquid etcetera:


Risks for the Heart

It is fairly well proven that nicotine itself is damaging to the heart. Since electric cigarettes contain nicotine, it goes without saying that those heart risks must extend to electronic cigarettes as well as tobacco or traditional smoking.


Cancer Risk of Electronic Cigarettes

Whilst there are no proven studies showing a direct risk of cancer from using electronic cigarettes (to my knowledge), it seems quite definitive that there are some chemicals used in electronic cigarettes which are in some way carcinogenic, i.e. they can cause cancer. It is up to the individual to assess just how carcinogenic these chemical elements are and take a decision on its merits. For me, the great majority of man-made chemicals are carcinogenic, even materials used in household carpets, varnish, paints, cosmetics, clothing and more. Therefore it is not enough to just find out if E-Cigs contain carcinogens, but you must look deeper and decide if the risks are enough to worry you or not.

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Diethylene Glycol

This is an ingredient of vehicle anti-freeze liquid, and it is a known toxin. It is present in electronic cigarettes and it can cause health problems upon inhalation, hence it is one of the most talked about risks of using electronic cigarettes. Diethylene Glycol is used to produce the vapour when “vaping” or “smoking”.



Electronic cigarettes also contain other compounds called Nitrosamines. Nitrosamines can cause cancer and are generally considered unhealthy. I am not aware of how much risk there is from using electronic cigarettes as regards nitrosamines, but it is very likely that there is a risk to health if the E-Cig should break or be taken apart by the user and if the internal components are handled.



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This is the final compound I think deserves a mention when considering the health effects of smoking electronic cigarettes. Tetramethylpyrazine is supposedly capable of causing brain damage in humans. However it is also true that this compound is found in a huge number of common everyday items and many foods. For example eggs, meats, peanuts, whiskey and many more. Therefore, much like the other health dangers of electronic cigarettes, you have to scratch beneath the surface before jumping to a decision as whilst something can on the one hand appear worrying, it can also be misleading and should you wish to avoid this chemical completely in your life, you should virtually stop eating, or certainly move to organic only diets, and even that would almost certainly not avoid Tetramethylpyrazine altogether.

For me personally, when considering the harmful effects or health hazards of electronic cigarettes, it is often wise to look as deeply as you can into the specifics, and sometimes take them with a ‘pinch of salt’, although doing that may subject your body to harmful chemicals too!

OA Healthier Ways To Smokene final note which did form part of my analysis of the health effects of E-Liquids, the electronic cigarette industry is a huge threat in my view to the absolutely enormous business of tobacco. Tobacco companies have been in bed with regulators and governments (especially US and UK) for decades, and that isn’t about to change. However the electronic cigarette was invented by a Chinese man, and I doubt he is in bed with those same organisations.

Therefore it doesn’t surprise me in the slightest to find many large organisations such as the FDA acting like they enjoy scaring the general public with every possible health risk they can come up with about electronic cigarettes. In the mean time many western governments continue to make billions a year on taxation (both corporate and personal/retail) thanks to the continued use of traditional tobacco products by millions of people, all of whom face ill-health and/or an untimely death for their profit-generating addiction.

Documentary DVD about Aspartame in the USYou only have to take a look at the disgraceful history of Aspartame in the US, the disgusting cover-up involving Donald Rumsfeld, and the whole sorry story where health came a very distant second priority to the health of the US citizens, to realise that profit is what makes the world go round, not health. Click here to learn more

Electronic cigarettes are a massive threat to a huge business, so as far as I am concerned it goes with the territory that it is under attack regularly in the news. This certainly does not mean it is safe to use electronic cigarettes, but it does mean that there may be some powerful people out there trying to scare you away from them, just in case it helps you stop smoking tobacco!

The decision is of course for you to make, nobody else. But I hope this article has given you some things to think about when considering what effects electronic cigarettes may have on your health if you choose to use them.

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