What Is Vaping?

Woman vaping an e-cigaretteVaping is quite literally defined as inhaling water vapour into the lungs, however where electronic cigarettes are concerned, this water vapour is combined with various other things such as nicotine and flavourings.

Vaping as it relates to e-cigarettes is basically the process of sucking or taking a “drag” on an electronic cigarette which uses the Atomiser to transform the E-Liquid contained inside, into a fine vapour or “smoke” and you then inhale this into your lungs just like with a normal tobacco cigarette but with the bonus of leaving out the tar and many other deadly chemicals found in tobacco smoke.

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People who ‘vape’ find it is very similar to smoking traditional cigarettes and as such they often find it satisfies their urge to buy and use tobacco, hence why electronic cigarettes are often used as a means to help the user stop smoking, or at least to transfer their addiction onto something less harmful and toxic for their body.

Man 'vaping'If you want to give vaping a try for yourself, make sure you check out our free trials page where you can often get great deals for trial packs and starter kits, giving you the opportunity to try out some electronic cigarettes for yourself at very low cost or sometimes completely free of charge altogether.

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